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ICO Angel

Individuals, who are filling up the Angel pool to be divided between winning teams. Exclusive access, private meetings, discounts on the tokens.
Conditions for ICO Angels  pdf


Individuals, who are interested in the blockchain economy. Regular ticket, allowing to visit most of the activities.


Individuals, who are representing their company or project for the Pre‑ICO. Please see conditions for teams.
Conditions for teams  pdf

Speakers and mentors

Sasha Ivanov

CEO @ Waves Platform

A physicist by education, Sasha Ivanov has been involved in Internet payment systems software development and neural network prediction software for financial markets.
After the emergence of blockchain technology he launched the first instant cryptocurrency exchange coinomat.com, the first fiat blockchain token coinoUSD, and the first tradable cryptocurrency index coinoindex.com.
Now Sasha is the founder and CEO of Waves Platform — the most advanced platform for issuing tokens for ICOs.

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Jon Matonis

A blockchain evangelist

A blockchain evangelist, a fintech professional, founding director of Bitcoin Foundation, Jon has spent years working, writing and creating global networks.
Currently serving on boards of various blockchain projects, Jon’s career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail.


Vladimir Dyomin

A blockchain expert

Innovation and blockchain technology expert, Vladimir has a solid international background in large‑scale IT systems implementations and management consulting.
He is currently serving as an adviser on blockchain and digital economy to Chairman of the Board at Vnesheconombank (Bank of Foreign Economic Activity). Along with that, Vladimir is a member of the working group on blockchain implementation in public and corporate governance, led by the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

Artem Tolkachev

Leading legal expert on blockchain

Artyom has a broad legal expertise in the areas of fintech and internet content projects. He has supported the activities of the largest mPOS solutions in CIS and Russia. Artem developed the legal infrastructure for a range of payment systems, some of which included cryptocurrencies. He is the official legal adviser for the National Fund of Cryptocurrency and an expert at Internet Initiatives Development Fund. Artem leads the legal consulting services for technology projects at Deloitte. He is also the chairman of the Blockchain Community. Artem will also be a mentor for the participating teams.

Tone Vays

Professional trader, researcher, ICO expert

A Wall Street veteran with 10‑years experience in the field of Risk analysis, Tone is a well-known trader in the bitcoin space with a vast background in institutional investing. He also maintains LibertyLifeTrail.com and focuses on separating legitimate ICO projects from the blatant scam. He is an opinionated blogger and consults blockchain companies to learn about the technology to help everyone understand what a Blockchain is and ’if’ it will help their business.


Billionaire venture capitalist, angel investor, activist

Charles is a Chinese‑American billionaire venture capitalist and one of the most active angel investors in the Chinese internet industry, having invested in hundreds of internet startups. With years of business experience, he was former chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese e‑commerce network 8848.net. His legendary achievement was his US$250,000 investment in UTStarcom, which generated millions of dollars for him after the company went public. Charles is widely known as China’s first angel investor. He is also a famous blogger and a leading liberal commentator on the Chinese social media scene with more than 12M followers.

Eric Benz

A blockchain expert

With over 10 years of experience in fintech, Eric has delivered innovative SaaS systems for the biggest institutions around payments, identity, and banking infrastructure. Ever since hopping on the blockchain wave in 2012, Eric has been involved in a number of blockchain and fintech businesses both as an investor and a board director.
Currently Eric serves as the Managing Director for one of the UK’s and EU’s longest running Bitcoin exchange and merchant processor, CryptoPay.

Eyal Hertzog

Co‑founder of Bancor

Eyal Hertzog has been focusing on building and launching end‑user ecosystems online since 1998 in the domains of social networks, content sharing and crypto‑currencies and commerce. He is the creator of big name technology platforms such as Metacafe and AppCoin. His latest project is Bancor, which raised over $200 million in it’s ICO, this is a protocol which enables the creation of smart tokens on Ethereum Blockchain.

Vit Jedlička

Blockchain enthusiast, the president of Liberland

Vit Jedlička is a publicist, politician and activist. On 13 April 2015, he founded the self-declared libertarian micronation Free Republic of Liberland, and became its first President. Liberland is only 7 sq km (2.5 sq miles) of uninhabited marshland. But in the mind of Vit Jedlička, its first president, it’s the fulfilment of the libertarian dream — a land with no compulsory taxes, no gun control, with Bitcoins as currency. He has raised funds from rich libertarians through crowdfunding. Vit attends blockchain conferences and shares his liberal views with the others.


Blockchain legal and business expert

Dmitry specializes in legal support of startups and cryptocurrency projects. Since 2015, being Partner of GMT Legal, leads the Practice of digital, blockchain, startups. Dmitry has great experience in international business construction and ICO support. He is the author of numerous articles related to crypto and blockchains themes and also he is a consultant and blockchain expert for GVA LaunchGurus startup accelerator. Dmitry is going to share his legal experience with the project teams and will help to pick the winners.


Blockchain researcher, founder of ForkLog

Founder of the famous magazine on cryptocurrency and blockchain, head of Forklog Consulting, Anatoly Kaplan is a blockchain economy and a cryptocurrency market expert. He has served as an external consultant in a range of projects that raised finances through a crowdsale. Anatoly is going to share his experience with the teams and will participate in the selection of winners.

Ivan Tikhonov

Writer, blockchain activist

Ivan is the founder of Bits.media, the first Blockchain and Crypto based all Russian speaking forum. He’s an active member in the Blockchain community. From 2011 Ivan has been been writing in many news articles, he’s also been included as a speaker and writer at the «Russian Internet Forum», «Mobile Finance & E‑Services Russia, «BankIT», «Bitcoin Conference Russia» and other Blockchain and IT related events. In 2015, he won the case against the Russian federal government, overthrowing crypto currencies as an illegal asset in the country. Ivan is going to be a mentor at the event.


Professional trading expert

Anatoly is a skilled trader with 12 years of experience. Since 2005, he has been trading US stocks, and crypto‑currencies since 2013.
He is the co‑founder of United Traders, the largest pro‑trading company, and also manages the hedge fund Kvadrat Black and Cryptofund. Anatoly actively shares his thoughts on trading in the mass media and social networks and conducts master classes for both beginners and traders with many years of experience


Blockchain enthusiast, fintech expert

Mike is a technical expert in fields of project development and management for more than 10 years. In the blockchain industry since 2012, he specializes in blockchain services integrations. Former CTO of BitcoinChain.com, founder of eCoinomy ltd, a company with expertise in creation, support and development of software for private banking and financial management. Mike is also a technical advisor of many blockchain‑based projects, such as CoinFox, Cointelegraph and CryptoPay. Mike will be a tech expert and mentor for participating projects.

Sergey Lonshakov

The developer of Blockchain projects. Airalab visionary

Sergey is a developer of folllowing projects:
  • Bitcoin/Altcoin/cryptocurrency projects с 2011
  • Smart contract/Ethereum platform projects с 2014
  • DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) projects с 2015. Since fall 2015 Sergey has fully focused on the study of the possibilities of application platform Ethereum for DAO and IoT


Cryptotrader, blockchain and altcoin expert

Kir is an experienced cryptotrader, specialising in the pricing of the cryptocurrency, a blockchain and altcoin expert. He has been in the field since 2014.
He is one of the most popular crypto‑enthusiasts in the Russian‑speaking segment and is in the Top‑15 of the Ukrainian blockchain community.


Co‑founder of HQ Capital, Opinion Leader

Zuo has participated in cryptocurrency investment and Blockchain research at Silicon Valley since 2015. Zuo is a traditional venture capitalist and a keen ICO angel who is considered as a vanguard yet experienced opinion leader in China’s Blockchain space. He is also a Member of the American Association of Psychologists, and Member of the American Mensa Society, while being a researcher for the US Hedge Foundation and Gifted Children Psychology Research at New York Education Bureau.


CMO at True Flip

Konstantin has 10+ years of experience in marketing, web development and entrepreneurship, and 2 years of work with blockchain-related infrastructure. He has pioneered building community-run projects in the crypto environment which resulted in conducted in a successful ICO campaign for True Flip. He is currently a CMO at True Flip and executes strategic tasks to perform decent promotion to the service.


COO at True Flip

Nikita has gained significant level of expertise in e-commerce and UX optimization while working as CEO in major Russian online pharmaceutical aggregators. He had run multiple projects on the edge of product development and online platform operations management for years before he fully concentrated on True Flip. Nikita’s main efforts target on shaping and managing both front- and back-end processes of the project in accordance with its deeply innovative nature.

Antolij Poedintsev

COO at ICORating

After Anatoliy started his career in Deutsche Bank, he spent more than 8 years in the investment-banking industry. He has extensive experience in managing asset portfolios of the technological sector.
Since 2013, he focused on cryptocurrency industry. In August 2016, Anatoliy joined a team of founders of ICOrating — the first rating agency for the ICO market. As of today, he is one of the leading experts in the analytics of ICO. He specializes in evaluation project's business models and their market potential.



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nousplatform.com Nousplatform gives the opportunity to establish investment funds and attract investors just in a few clicks
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solidified.io Crowd-sourced platform for screening smart contracts
blindozer.ru Fast Food robots network based on Internet of Things technology
affchain.io Affchain.io is the world first decentralized CPA network for ICO projects and crypto economy
darfchain.com Decentralized Accounting/Assets Resource Finance system on blockChain
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RunCPA is a leading advertising cost per action network in bitcoin economy

KickCity – Reward-Based Social Event Platform on Blockchain

# Команда Баллы
1 Cryptopay 8.8
2 Affchain 7.9
3 KickCity 7.7
4 InkChain 7.4
5 Piligrim XXI 7.3
6 Solidified 7.1
7 UberFood 7
8 Covalent 6.7
9 Rosenbridge Digital 6.7
10 Forseti 6.4
11 Game Machine 6.3
12 LastWill 6.2
13 PingPong 6
14 Xemit 5.8
# Команда Баллы
15 NousPlatform 5.7
16 Astral (Smart Insurance) 5.6
17 Charitize click 5.4
18 DARFChain 5.2
19 LegalORM 5
20 Investy 4.8
21 Nimfamoney 4.6
22 jNet1 4.4
23 Hamster Marketplace 4.4
24 PRIZM 4.3
25 Armor Ceramics 4.2
26 Aeropoisk 3.9
27 Easyfast 2

The Hypethon 2017 proved to be a great place to make connections. As usual, it was far better to mingle and have conversations than to hang around startup pitches and stage talks. I found one project which I'm investing in, met with a bunch of interesting people and learned a lot.
Eugene Tartakovsky, Private Crypto Trader & Tech Lead @ Santiment

The atmosphere of madness. Participants - genious and crazy - worked side by side. Brand new ideas, technologies and instruments. Excelent opportunities for making invesments for those who are bright-minded or lucky players of the market. The event was worth visiting in order to feel and see with your own eyes the way the blockchain comuunity lives.
Anton Kulichkin, ICO Angel

The Hypethon was crazy and fabulous at the same time. Great place for networking with amazing people. Projects from dreaming start-upers blown my mind. Their ideas of implementing Blockchain in different areas made my brain work really hard. Definitely, i will participate next time.
Leonid Morozovskii, ICO Angel REGA Risk Sharing

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Saint-Petersburg TV Channel

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BlockchainHouse block party




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Can I apply as a team if I only have an idea (it is a really awesome one, btw)?

Congrats on having an awesome idea! We are choosing only the best projects, so we want you to make an effort and show us the following:
  • Team. We want to see their background and their commitment
  • Whitepaper. We want to see your business model, competitor analysis, projected # of customers/users, revenue, any indicators of the progress. You can submit it in a whitepaper (always preferred) or as an illustration with unicorns and rainbows. We care about seeing that you have an understanding and a vision
  • Prototype.

Can my team apply even if we don’t have a whitepaper ready?

We choose the best projects based on certain criteria, so we want to see a detailed description of the team, business model, the market and other relevant information.
That can be in a whitepaper or another document. Don’t forget to show us the minimum viable product.

Is that okay that I don’t have a team?

Having a team of 2‑8 members is a MUST in order to be a participant at the ICO‑Hypethon. But no worries if you don’t have all the capabilities within the team. You can get new talent at the event.
The goal of the ICO‑Hypethon is to make the process of reaching a pre‑ICO as transparent as possible for both teams and ICO Angels. Having an established team, openly communicating with the rest of the blockchain community proves that the project is not a scam but is really looking to grow as a business. We recommend teams to create chats within Telegram, Slack, FB & any other social media outlet.

Our project doesn’t use smart contracts. What now?

That means you have to hurry and sign up as a team! We will have Mentors at the event that will help you polish your project to perfection. If a project needs help with smart contracts, then CryptoFriends will assign an expert to help them in that field. The event will also boast experienced IT‑developers who are going to be conducting lessons regarding Ethereum smart contracts.

Is it free to participate at the event as a team?

The organizer (CryptoFriends) is to receive a commission of 0.99% from the total ICO and pre-ICO campaign: 0,99% from the total sum raised and 0,99% from the total amount of coins distributed.
The fee is for aiding the project with its infrastructure, connecting the teams with industry experts, and for exposing the business within the Blockchain community.

Why do we need to pay 0.99% from the ICO?

The fee is for aiding the project with its infrastructure, connecting the teams with industry experts, and for exposing the business within the Blockchain community.
CryptoFriends designed a one‑of‑a‑kind event, where the teams with the help of mentors (industry experts), will release their pre‑ICO, and have access to sponsors, a cast of all‑star speakers, ICO Angels, and much much more!

What’s this 100% bonus in the Pre‑ICO Pool?

Teams provide 100% bonus for ICO Angels because of their early commitment and belief in the CryptoFriends’ team, Hypethon’s projects and mainly that they believe in you!

Which platform can I release my coins?

All participants of the ICO‑Hypethon are to release their coins exclusively on the Waves platform. But what else would you event want to use, when you can actually approach Sasha Ivanov at the event to ask question.

Where are the teams going to live during the ICO‑Hypethon?

All the teams will be camping out in tents on the premises of the «Street Art Museum».

What do participants need bring with them for the ICO‑Hypethon?

Laptops, sleeping‑bags, usbs and any other things they’ll need for a comfortable stay at the event.

Does the team need to be at the «Street Art Museum» the entire 48‑hours?

You stay on the premises of the «Street Art Museum» as long or as little as you’d like. Just note that ICO Angels will come & go, so it is recommended to keep someone always on site in case an ICO Angel wants to conduct a detail one‑on‑one chat with your project.

If we haven’t legally registered a company yet, how are we going to do a pre‑ICO?

We’ll do the pre‑ICO with you and afterwards once you receive funding, you can register your company.

How can I withdraw the funds?

First you exchange them into Waves coins, then into Bitcoins, then into FIAT.